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Janet Ferrici

Professional Life Coach,

Creative Coaching

“I'm driven and deeply committed to empowering each of my clients to thrive, achieve success and find fulfillment. I help motivate clients to formulate and develop realistic goals and life plans so that happy and harmonious relationships are within reach. I believe each of us have the power to live the best life possible.”


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Bernard Davis

Mortgage Broker & Branch Manager,

South West Funding

Hiring a mortgage broker can help relieve some of the stress and loan-related questions when you’re buying a house, especially if you’re a first-time home buyer.

In my role as the middleman between borrowers and lenders, I can help you find a lender that meets your needs and financial requirements, such as a preference for a lower down payment or the best interest rate possible.


If you’re seeking a Federal Housing Administration (FHA) or Veterans Affairs (VA) loan, for example, I am experienced in working with veterans, and I understand the requirements for FHA loans simplifying the process.

Variety is another benefit of working with brokers. Using a mortgage broker can help you find the right lender for your specific needs, especially if your situation in terms of your credit profile or the property is unusual.

P: 414.839.6383

E: bdavis@southwestfunding.com

Mary Leach-Sumlin

Owner & Real Estate Broker,

Any House Realty, LLC

Our mission is:

To provide home-ownership opportunities to anyone who is financially able to purchase a home anywhere.

Our vision is:

To be the brokerage of choice for anyone who is ready for home-ownership.

Any House Realty has a three person team with a total combined experience of 40 years of selling residential and commercial real estate throughout the City of Milwaukee.  We have experience in assisting families on both the buying and selling side.

We very much look forward to being of service to you!

P: 414-234-5886

E: mary@anyhouserealty.com

W: www.anyhouserealty.com

James Croruth

Senior Citizen Advisor

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Charles Muhammad Johnson


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Shenicqua Billings

Chief Operations Officer,

Major Quality Care, LLC

Coach Billings is a Business Coach & Consultant, Assisted Living Instructor, and Serial Entrepreneur. She has trained and facilitated over 11,000 prospective entrepreneurs world-wide. Miss Billings owns and operated several assisted living facilities throughout Wisconsin. She thrives on continuously developing new ideas to create new businesses and looks forward to working with you to realize your entrepreneurial dreams.

Dianne Dallas

Chief Executive Officer,

Restoring Communities, LLC

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James Gordon, Jr.

Board Director,

Crowd Pleasers Motorsports Club

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Donald Daugherty


Black Beauty Beauty Supply, LLC

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Steve Adams

Chair of the Board of Directors

Riverworks Development Corp.

Owner & Consultant,

CDMP - SPA Holdings, LLC

Steve Adams has a wide range of experience in community and economic development. After graduating from Marquette University in 1975, Steve worked in various technical and managerial jobs—primarily serving private sector commercial and industrial customers. From1982-2000 he held various public works managerial positions on development projects for Milwaukee County and the City of Milwaukee. In 2000 he became the Executive Director of a community development corporation serving Milwaukee’s inner city.

In 2003 , Steve started Community Development Management Partnerships (a consulting business) to work primarily on community economic development and organizational development issues. A major project included the Harambee Great Neighborhood Initiative sponsored thru the Riverworks Development Corporation and the Milwaukee office of the Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC).

Steve has also coordinated public involvement and outreach for projects in Milwaukee and the seven county southeastern Wisconsin region.


Jesus M. Maldonado Reyes

Independent Consultant

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Michael Moon

Board Director,

Ministry of Trade & Commerce of WI, Inc.

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Dawon Lynn Holley


ABDH Counseling Services

Hello all & Happy Day!


My name is Holley, I support people in their desire to be their best by way of therapy. I help people of all ages, races, genders, and ethnic backgrounds. I'm blessed to be able to help adolescents, adults, and families in their journey to close the gap between where they are right now and where they want to be in the future.  


Dawon Holley MS,LPC

Aisha Barkow


ABDH Counseling Services

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Teresa D. Hawthorne

Productivity & Organizing Specialist,

Decently Ordered, LLC

Dedicated | Patient | Detailed

On a mission to educate the nation on the life and business benefits of organization and productivity, Teresa Hawthorne is combining her experience in developing systems and processes, streamlining workflows, and creating efficiencies with her passion for helping others succeed. As the Founder of Decently Ordered, LLC, she teaches individuals and businesses how to effectively manage their time and environments, making room to achieve their full potential.

Please visit the Decently Ordered website for more information about how Ms. Hawthorne can be of service to you!

Milwaukee, WI
P: 414-367-7679

W: www.decentlyordered.com

Tim Galligan

Safety Manager,

Dairyland Buses, Inc.

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Rita Lee

Founder & CEO,

New Hope Youth & Family Services

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Jasmin Hoover

Caterer, Personal Chef, & Instructor,

Raw Destine

Raw Destine's services include the following: private chef; catering; private, group, & public cooking, and canning classes. Event planning is also available. 

Beverly Duncan, M.S., MFT., PHD (ABD)


Transformations Behavioral Health, LLC

Transformations Behavioral Health LLC psychotherapist helps patients work through emotional or mental problems by employing various techniques.  Goals for therapy may be short-term goal or for a longer period to cope with severe mental illness. However, some work is done in a group setting. Psychotherapists help patients gain insight into his or her feeling, thoughts, and behaviors. Patients with severe mental illness or individuals dealing with common life stresses can benefit from psychotherapy. Reasons for participating in psychotherapy include grief, eating disorders, physical or mental abuse, marital issues, medical illnesses, sleep disorders, substance abuse, or depression. More severe reasons might include bipolar, anxiety, or personality disorders.

We also provide Intergenerational Trauma therapy and Reflection therapy. Respectively, Intergenerational family therapy acknowledges generational influences on family and individual behavior. Identifying multigenerational behavioral patterns, such as management of anxiety, can help people see how their current problems may be rooted in previous generations. Reflection Therapy practices with a focus on the individual client but within the framework of their relationships such as a couple, a family, an employee, or within a corporation. Inclusive of mental health issues like bi-polar or schizophrenia. Reflection Therapy treats depression, grief and loss, trauma, substance abuse, eating disorders, and corporate dysfunction.

Paul Gordon

Minister & Counselor,

Universal Integrity Institute

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Dr. Helen Reynolds


Restoring Communities, LLC

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Darcheia Elam

Life Insurance Agent,

Darcheia Elam - PHP Agency

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Stacy Weaver

Independent Paparazzi Consultant,

BeYou-t-Fully Aesthetic Creations

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Brenda Dandy

Life Insurance Broker,

First Financial Security

My name is Brenda Dandy.  I am a Certified Financial Education Instructor and Licensed Insurance Broker with First Financial Security.

Dedicated to inform, educate, and empower individuals and business owners on the most powerful ways to prepare, protect and save for retirement. 

Services and more:

  • Life Insurance (for family and as tax shelter)

  • Indexed Annuities and Immediate Annuities

  • Company Retirement Plans & Assisting Small Business Owners

  • Helping people new-to-saving on how to get started and their options

  • Retirement/Savings Plans ideal for high-income earners, high net worth folks, or those trying to “catch up”

  • Bank Front Loading plans

  • Mortgage Insurance


Do you have an Exit strategy plan to Stop Market Loss and receive Lifetime Income?


Take advantage of our no-cost, no-obligation financial review or consultation offers and begin to learn more about your money!

P: 414.213.2232

E: bxdandy@gmail.com

Website for agents: http://agents.firstfinancialsecurity.com/WF1511

Website for clients: http://clients.firstfinancialsecurity.com/WF1511

Nicole Peller-Smith, MBA, Certified Life Coach

Independent Insurance Agent,

FFL & RetireCo

My name is Nicole Peller-Smith.  In my previous career I worked in the Finance/Accounting and Human Resources field for almost 20 years, so I have experience with benefits/insurance and vendor/carrier relationships across multiple industries.  I have a MBA and Life Coaching Certification as well as the healing modalities of Reiki and Pranic Healing.  I am a part-time college Instructor, wife, and mother to three young kings.

I have specifically been in the insurance industry for 3 years in the Life and Health/Accident lines of insurance, and am currently licensed in the states of Wisconsin, Illinois, Texas, and California.  In the Insurance space, my goal is to make the individuals, families, and businesses I protect my number one priority. Trust and loyalty are not given but is earned, and I will give everything I have to earn this with my clients.  My mission is to always put the individual's, family’s or business’ needs first by effectively improving the situation of every client that I meet with to create a financial peace-of-mind and legacy building that spans generations. Thank you for making the choice to protect yourselves, families, and businesses.

Thank you in advance for entrusting me with your insurance needs, and I look forward to working with you and for you!

P: (608) 665-9822

O: 1-888-471-3762 x 7052

F: (888) 675-6681

E: nicole.peller-smith@retireco.com

W: https://agent.retireco.com/agent/nicolepeller-smith

Stephanie Findley

Board Vice Chair,

Findley Foundation

The Findley Foundation was founded by concerned individuals who work in the Construction, Finance, and Non-Profit; Political and Public Service Sectors. It was through the groups shared passion for economic development, education and assisting the community that they formed the Findley Foundation. In their discussions, they discovered that a key component of improving the economic quality of life for many— lies in the development of quality workforce solutions that provide a combination of work readiness training, soft skills, and financial literacy education. However, as the foundation members began to craft their mission and assess the needs of the community, they realized that many people were disadvantaged, unemployed, or underemployed because they didn’t have access to the supportive services they needed to acquire to sustain gainful employment.

Building lives, changing communities.

530 S. 11th Street

Milwaukee, WI 53204

P: 414.988.3079

F: 414.755.7255

W: www.findleyfoundation.org

Erika Villafuerte

Health & Wellness Equity Ambassador,

Salud First

I provide healthcare education and positive fitness encouragement including awareness of the mind/body connection via resource sessions, workshops, and motivational messages to help empower healthy lifestyles. I am passionate about, and put extra focus & effort to help our under-served populations working with Medicare and Medicaid, including enrollment for health coverage.

Salud First Network

We connect professionals and community members of various cultures and backgrounds to share information, resources, and referrals. We aim to support each other in reaching personal and career oriented goals while keeping our health a priority. We have expert speaker events, and we also do more relaxed socials. - Everyone is welcome, please message us if you'd like to join our next meeting.


E: erika.saludfirst@gmail.com

Temo Rodriguez

Business Manager,

THE VIBE Co-Working Office Space

Temo is the Business Manager for THE VIBE, Riverwork’s co-working office space. The VIBE was created for entrepreneurs and business owners seeking a space to start working on and realize their entrepreneurial dreams. Temo is very passionate about economic development as a critical tool for positive change in people’s lives and communities.


Purposefully, he has been involved in a broad range of areas related to economic and workforce development. He works with entrepreneurs, both small startups and existing businesses, and specializes in business planning, writing business plans, market research, and promotions.


As THE VIBE Business Manager, Temo applies his diverse education and experience to attract new members and provide them with all of the information, tools, and resources needed for success in their business ventures!

Heading 1

Heading 1

Our purpose at THE VIBE is to continue to develop and foster strong economic development by creating a healthy community of businesses that support, promote, and do business with each other.

Our Purpose:

THE VIBE Free Membership Online Profile
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