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Business Life in THE VIBE’s Co-Working Office Space

Written by: THE VIBE’s Business Manager, Temo Rodriguez


A special welcome to all, for THE VIBE’s first business spotlight featuring one of our earliest Members, Mr. Donald Daugherty!

Daugherty has always struck us as an incredibly dedicated person strongly motivated to realize all of his entrepreneurial dreams. As with most people who have an entrepreneurial mindset, he took a variety of strategic steps throughout his life to meticulously develop himself personally. He interned with the City of Milwaukee’s Common Council President Willie Hines, Jr.; studied Business Management & Marketing; as well as studied Industrial Maintenance, Mechanics, and Technology – an unbelievable formula to develop the super-entrepreneur!

Daugherty launched his first brick-and-mortar business, a beauty supply store called Black Beauty Beauty Supply, in a storefront located on 48th and Hopkins Street. However, water damage to the property dampened the operation (no pun intended) and he had to close the business then restart his vision for his business. Continuing to work hard on realizing his dreams, he became a Member at THE VIBE and received a broad variety of services and resources. Mainly, business technical assistance to secure funding so that he could pay for the costs to build-out, purchase inventory, and operate his new storefront located on Holton Street and Concordia Avenue.

As with most business start-ups, securing funding does not happen instantly. It can take several months depending on all of the things one needs to do based on the funder’s criteria. He was able to secure the commercial property location with a rental deposit; however, the funding did not come through on time to start the project. The good news is that Daugherty now has the funding and continues to work towards securing the commercial space so that he can launch his business with an abundance of experience that will likely increase his chances of success. Not many businesses would think to plan for an economic crisis like that during this crazy virus pandemic, but having lived through this crisis, Daugherty’s chances to survive and thrive in business potentially have increased many times.

Please join THE VIBE in your journey towards realizing your entrepreneurial dreams and to be part of our supportive business community!

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