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From Homiez to D&S Homez

Riverworks’ Economic Spotlight: Business Life in THE VIBE’s Co-Working Office Space

Written by: THE VIBE’s Business Manager, Temo Rodriguez

Featuring: D&S Homez, LLC (previously known as D&S Homes, LLC)

June 11, 2020

It’s hard to say if this is the typical story of two entrepreneurs coming together to form a business, you be the judge!

This is the story of Sarah Clifton, a Homecare Worker, and Dianne Dallas, a Property Manager of several buildings throughout the city under the business names Dallas House I & II. They crossed paths when Dallas was managing a property that Clifton was working in and they quickly became friends. It wasn’t long before their conversations became entrepreneurial. Clifton shared that funding exists to care for people who are disabled and/or elderly. And Dallas was managing 66 tenants and suggested that starting a business together seems like a logical next step. They could provide desperately needed quality services caring for people in the community and make a living doing it. They joined forces and became partners in business starting D&S Homes, LLC. Several prime opportunities to care for more people crossed their paths and they took strategic steps to evolve their business.

Later, Dallas and Clifton drove by THE VIBE and decided to explore the building. They were impressed with the facility, the abundance of space & resources including the business technical services, realized it was a great new phase for their business, and became Resident Office Members by securing an office lease at THE VIBE. They are one of a total of four Resident Office Members that operate their business in THE VIBE. They have housed their business at THE VIBE for over a year; during that time, they attended various educational sessions and met another Member, Shenicqua Billings of Major Quality Care. They contracted Billings to work with them on starting a group home. D&S has acquired another house and equipment needed for the facility. Billings will be consulting them on the details of the expansion.

Positively impacting the community and managing D&S Homes requires working with contractors to maintain and improve the homes of clients. Dallas and Clifton found that contractors needed assistance in legitimizing their businesses. D&S assisted Dwayne Hardwick in starting his home improvement business and Nekida Clifton, a Gourmet Chef, in starting her catering business. Dwayne and Nekida were inspired by D&S’ insightfulness to use THE VIBE, and its resources, as a catapult for their business.

Furthermore, D&S established a breakfast club consisting of the disabled and elderly clients in their homes, they invited key government officials, and Nekida Clifton prepared the delicious breakfast for the club. Clients that have been with D&S for more than 10 years become alumni, they are invited to a platform to discuss important current events, and socialize with their peers. D&S’ services and programs, as well as the breakfast club and platform, allow clients to form healthy connections and relationships including fostering positivity and hope for their future.

Dianne Dallas and Sarah Clifton of D&S Homes continue to pave their road in business by carefully maneuvering the many ups and downs that come with it. Cheers to their ongoing success!

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